Corporations A great way to provide personal enrichment for your employees and material to refer back to in meetings. Also, makes a fantastic gift at a fantastic price for your customers.

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Athletic Teams

binary options kokemuksia Provides fresh, ongoing material for coaches and players. It serves as a great resource for coaches to utilize in talking with other players.

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Teachers and Students binäre optionen virtuelles konto Helps stimulate thinking of both teachers and students. It also provides a very valuable tool for educators to utilize in communicating with their students.

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What people are saying? algoritmo matematico per trading operazioni binarie

opzionibinarie incasso vincite “Should you slow for just a moment, you will discover an oasis of refreshment in Dwight Edwards’ High Octane for the Mind. A master storyteller, Edwards weaves common-sense wisdom with time-tested truths resulting in the reader feeling inspired, invigorated and ready to conquer the next challenge!” Rick Rigsby, Ph.D.
President, Rick Rigsby Communications
Author, Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout
Outstanding Distinguished Teaching Award by
Texas A&M University (1996 and 1998)äre-optionen-versteuern-wie “Dwight Edwards is a gifted speaker, writer, minister and coach. His presentations have inspired thousands of people all over the country. Dwight is most passionate in making a difference in anyone’s life that crosses his path. He has an uncanny ability for flushing out the passion that some don’t even know they have, then helping them focus on nurturing that passion and dream, to higher a level.

follow Whether it is by phone, by email, by news letter or in person, if you have not experience the power of Dwight Edwards …. You need to!”

binär option testkonto Charles M. Carroll CEC, AAC
Executive Chef and 7 Time Culinary Olympian
Author of FINDING TIME TO BE GREAT! “Dwight is very conscience of the modern day reality that powerful messages need to be conveyed quickly and impactfully. He has spoken to my employees twice in the past year. Both presentations – one on customer care, the other on thinking out-of-the-box – were 30 minutes or less. In each case he used his vast mental inventory of interesting and relevant stories, quotations and examples to highlight the high performance lessons. “ Daniel S. Parsley
President & COO, EES Consulting
Houston, Texas

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“What a huge impact you had on my students. You truly got their attention and they now understand the importance of finding their extraordinary dream and how to make it come true. In one short class period you helped them put into perspective what is really important in life. What a clever and creative way to describe the course of life using ‘A Tale of Three Ships.’ Although it is a short book, it is packed with tons of eye-opening ideas and thoughts.”

Kathy Mason
Klein Forest High School
Business COOP Coordinator

“I typically save reading Dwight’s High Octane e-mails for when I am a little run down physically or emotionally. They never fail to reinvigorate and remind me of what is important—making no small plans, enjoying the effort not the outcome and keeping the focus on what is really important in life. Dwight has played a major part in how I navigate my days.”

Angus Hughes
Senior Director, Cushman & Wakefield
Houston, TX

“As a devoted reader and collector of Dwight Edwards’s ‘High Octane for the Mind’ emails, I find his thought-provoking, poignant, and entertaining messages to be an invaluable library of eternal truths; inspirations for discipline and self-improvement. I commend ‘High Octane for the Mind’ highly to all who are interested in bettering themselves while also being entertained in such a stimulating, refreshing way.”

James Bayless
Winstead Law Firm
Washington, DC

“Since coming online with ‘High Octane for the Mind’, I look forward to each new addition by email. It is a unique blend of sage and new ideas to spice, motivate, and direct one’s life in a package that is both intellectually stimulating and highly practical.”

Ken McAllister
Executive Director
United States Tennis Association (USTA), Texas Section
Austin, TX

“Establishing the goals is not the challenge. The challenge will be in accomplishing the goals. That is why we are excited to have Dwight Edwards on board as our high performance Coach. He is helping our firm to define those goals and then will work with us individually to meet them. I am impressed with Dwight because he gives us…news we can use!”

Dick Hite
Owner & CEO, Norton Ditto
Houston, TX

“Dwight has an uncanny gift for motivating and inspiring. I find his ‘High Octane for the Mind’ a refreshing way to keep me focused on the things that matter most. I highly recommend his inspirational writings to all.”

W. Robert Reed
Professor of Economics
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

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